dotOcean is a cloud robotics company based in Bruges with hubs in Ghent and Leuven, Belgium. As a pioneer and expert in autonomous robotics control and advanced situational awareness software, dotOcean has been transforming operations in the maritime, security and defence industry since 2008. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident through our four main product lines: vessel automation, fleet management, maritime surveillance, and survey equipment. 

By seamlessly integrating our AYB (Automate Your Boat) technology with comprehensive situational awareness, dotOcean enables connected, smart and autonomous operation of both new and existing systems. With a mission to enhance productivity, optimize cost efficiency, and elevate safety standards for our customers, dotOcean is at the forefront of driving transformative innovations in maritime technology.

Within MCM lab, dotOcean mainly contributes with its expertise on data and dataflow management as well as autonomous robotics control for USVs, including multi-agent collaborative robotics.

Proven sectors of activity:

  • Maritime operations (surveying, dredging, ferry services, workboats, ports, marine contracting, etc) 
  • Maritime security 
  • Defence
  • Offshore energy