Micromega Dynamics SA



Micromega Dynamics specializes in the development and manufacturing of vibration monitoring systems and active/passive vibration reduction devices. We mostly offer products or full deployable solutions, but also engineering services related to vibration troubleshooting, the customization of our products and developments based on customers’ requirements.

In addition to standard industrial sensors, we have developed dedicated solutions ranging from Structural Heath Monitoring (SHM) systems for wind turbine blades to remote motoring of sensitive installations and vibration dosimetry for safety at work issues. 

The company was incorporated in 1999. It now employs 20 people in the area of Namur and realizes a turnover of 3M€. In 2009, we entered into a strategic partnership with the German Company Wölfel Engineering.

In the scope of our activities within the MCMLab, Micromega brings its expertise in active vibration cancellation in order to reduce the acoustic signature of marine vessels.


Proven sectors of activity:

  • Vibration sensors & recorders
  • Active & Passive Vibration reduction devices