Université Libre de Bruxelles



The Université libre de Bruxelles is a French-speaking research university located in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1834, The Université libre de Bruxelles has 12 faculties that cover all the disciplines, closely combining academic input and research. It offers almost 40 undergraduate programs and 250 graduate programs (among them 23 Masters fully taught in English) and 6 Erasmus Mundus. It also partners 20 Doctoral schools, with almost 1,600 PhD in progress. ULB is a research university within the framework in the French speaking community and is active in both the Brussels and Wallonian Regions.

The ULB unit is one of the academic partners within the MCMLab, providing R&D activities which span from fundamental to applied research in a number of fields including: automatic control and system theory, mission planning and optimization, battery management systems, signal processing, mechanical design, and robotics at large (including aerial, underwater, and manipulation systems).


Proven sectors of activity:

  • Conception, Prototyping and Control of Robotic Systems (aerial, underwater, manipulators)
  • Automatic Control
  • Mission Planning and Optimization
  • Battery Management Systems