Space Applications Services


Space Applications Services is an independent Belgian company founded in 1987, with head office in Zaventem, Belgium, an office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands and a subsidiary in Houston, USA. Its aim is to research and develop innovative systems, solutions and products, and provide services to the aerospace, security markets and related industries. Our capabilities cover ground segment and control centres, platform and payloads, avionics, advanced robotics and mechanisms. We also provide services including scientific, engineering, mission integration and astronaut training.


Training Services
  • Full E2E process for designing tailored trainings
  • Training developed in coordination with Subject Matter Experts
  • Learning Management Systems (learning platforms)
Virtual Environments/Human Machine Interfaces
  • Digital Twin - A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset combining simulations with real-time data to make predictions and help decision-making.
  • Robotics - Creating the link between Robotics and the virtual world by calculating collisions and providing haptic feedback.
  • Synthetic Data Generation - Our environments generate Video or Images that can directly be used by Computer vision or AI algorithms.
  • Virtual Testbed - A virtual testbed is a virtual engineering environment used to study a sequence of operations before their implementation in the natural world.

Robotics Software & Intelligence
  • C4I – Central control center for fleet management, monitoring, communication systems and intelligence 
  • C2 - Command and Control – for robot planning, control and monitoring
  • Satellite and RF communication systems – mesh, security, quality of service, AI Automated mission planning for a fleet of robots and assets 
  • Data management – telemetry, mission info, images, maps, commands, status information, external intelligence
  • AI-ML based image processing for detecting and classification of threats and MILCOs
  • Data fusion for accurate positioning, localization and navigation 
  • Interoperability and Standardization – communications, command and control
  • Deployment – standalone, Local Server based, Cloud based SaaS solutions