Anglo Belgian Corporation



Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) boasts over a century of expertise in the development and manufacture of medium-speed engines and generating sets, positioning itself as your trusted expert in marine propulsion and power generation solutions. Crafted in Gent, ABC engines are engineered to endure the harshest and most challenging conditions at sea. Renowned for their reliability and user-friendliness, ABC stands out as the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the industry, maintaining full control over their 100% European-based supply chain, which includes sister companies providing casting, turbochargers, and exhaust after-treatment systems within the group.

Over the past five years, ABC has spearheaded innovations in both engine power (ranging from 1000 to 11000 kW) and alternative fuel systems, including methanol, hydrogen, and hybrid propulsion solutions. ABC engines find applications in various sectors, including nuclear power plants, land-based power generation, commercial marine and navies, tugboats and workboats, dredges and ferries, inland vessels and fishing boats, as well as industrial applications such as pump sets and locomotives.

By offering European-made solutions, ABC emerges as an increasingly compelling partner for navies worldwide, expanding its roster of navy users. Following its selection by Naval Group for the rMCMV program, ABC has joined the MCMLab to explore potential innovations aimed at streamlining maintenance processes and reducing noise emissions.


Proven sectors of activity:

  • Supply of engines to other Navies such as the French-, Turkish-, Bangladeshi-, Indonesian-, Argentinian Navy.